Tilo Nadler: The Future of Langurs in Vietnam Looks Bright

In my February podcast episode, I talk to an amazing conservationist Tilo Nadler about:

  • How Tilo managed to establish the only viable population of Delacour’s Langur in Vietnam
  • What it’s like to negotiate an extension of an existing reserve
  • Why captive-born langurs are re-introduced in Trang An UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • How Tilo tries to protect langurs threatened by limestone quarrying
  • What’s the future of primates in Vietnam
  • Why law enforcement is so important in stopping illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam
  • What motivates Tilo to pursue conservation at the age of 80

Listen to this episode on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher .

Credit: Veronika Perková

Credit: Tilo Nadler

Tilo Nadler (*1941) is a German-born primatologist and conservationist living in Vietnam. In 1993, Tilo founded the Endangered Primate Rescue Center which has rescued over 400 endangered and critically endangered primates and bred more than 300 of them. He also helped create a community of 30 local rangers in the Van Long Nature Reserve thanks to which poaching of Delacour’s Langurs has been eliminated and the population nearly quadrupled.

Cover photo credit: Tilo Nadler

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