Jump into the craft of interviewing!

Are you a JOURNALIST, blogger, PODCASTER, YouTube creator, CONTENT MARKETER, communications or HR SPECIALIST? This book is your go-to guide to better interviews. Regardless of your day job, if you want to have better conversations with people, it was written especially for you.

Learning how to conduct great interviews is tough. If you want to know how to bake a delicious pizza, within a half second, you’ll have 1.4 billion results on Google. But search ‘how to interview’ (trust me, I’ve tried it), and you’ll find next to nothing: The unhelpful search results are almost all related to job interviews and experienced interviewers rarely share their know-how. So how on Earth can people master the art of doing interviews?

Ask Great Questions, Get Great Answers: A Content Creator’s Guide to Amazing Interviews is based on 7+ years of my hands-on experience having inspiring, multi-disciplinary conversations with people.

You’ll walk through the process of:

  • how to arrange and prepare for interviews,
  • how to conduct a rewarding interview (for you, your interviewee, and your audience), 
  • text, audio, and video post-production and promotion, and much more

With this guide, you’ll be able to jump into the craft of interviewing right after reading. Plus, you’ll get clear guidance to develop your skills long-term – information you won’t find anywhere else.

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